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Vign is one of the fastest growing Engineering and Service Firm which offers wide range of services to Automation industries and process industries like food processing, rubber processing, etc., in terms of Installation, Installation supervision, Pre-commissioning & commissioning activities. Customers are served by a team of experienced Engineers, who have vast experience in automation and in PLC softwares like Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, Omron, etc., and on much more recently developing packages.

Vign was launched in early of the year 2011, by investing a team Engineers knowledge and experience. Building on its deep and specialist knowledge & with competence, Vign has served a wide range of local and international customers in various fields in executing their project successfully, both in national and international regions with own resources. Vign widened their feet by providing manufacturing support for OEM’s to fulfill their after sales service activities in India.

From Conception to Execution Vign offers series of services to help clients in installation and commissioning on a turnkey basis. Specialist skill sets covers the full range of key drivers in after sales services in India for any MNC and their products.


The business in which Vign more focused are

  • PLC Programming for any automation (rubber, steel, food, marine, etc.,)
  • Electrical Panel design and manufacturing
  • Piping modules designing and manufacturing (limited to Hydraulic, pneumatic & steam)
  • Installation and Commissioning of Automated equipments (rubber, Food, marine, etc.,)
  • Spares and services (includes trouble-shooting on equipments)
  • After sales service – contracts
  • AMC – Annual maintenance contracts



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